Advertising Account Manager Career

Career Description:

An advertising account manager is an individual/ official who is assigned the responsibility of an advertisement contract i.e. a client. This individual links the respective client and the whole of the agency team. He or she has to lead the team at the agency in developing the ideas in respect to the client. They have to ensure that all the presentations and ideas are based on the brief that the respective client has presented. And they have to do so in the given time line. Thus these individuals are responsible for all the tasks relating to that respective account/ client.

How to Become an Advertising Account Manager:

The advertising industry is the most competitive industry. Thus those who are more education and are more experienced are given preference. So to become an advertising account manager an individual must have a bachelors’ degree in fields like advertising, graphic design, market communications and advertisements, media etc.

The individual can also go for a masters’ level degree in the fields as mentioned above. It is a requirement for many of the top leading firms.

Advertising Account Manager Career Courses, Training, and Programs:

Considering the nature of the advertising industry, it always beneficial if an individual wishing to make it in this field pursues any of the varied diploma/ certificate courses. There are post graduate diploma courses available in marketing, digital marketing and management communications etc.

Many organizations may also require or at least prefer those individuals who have had experience/ training working in the advertising world.

Advertising Account Manager Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

All the colleges/ schools that provide education in this respective field are well set up and consist of all the infrastructural needs that are essential for imparting education. All these colleges are certified by the US government to provide education.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

Harvard University, Boston

University of California- Berkeley, Berkeley

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

MIT Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Advertising Account Manager Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

In the United States an advertising account manager earns anywhere between $ 40,000 and $ 80,000 per annum, on an average. There are a lot of job opportunities for those willing to be employed as an advertising account manager.

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