Advertising Agent Career

Career Description:

An advertising agent’s job is to help companies build strategies for advertising while also providing them the required talent. Companies often consult advertising agents to help them market their products. An advertising agent will hire the right talent for creating advertisements; contact the right media houses and the right people to endorse your products or services. You create the company’s image and it is in your hands to make or break its business.

How to become an advertising agent:

You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in business (marketing, management), communication, mass media, advertising or journalism, psychology, etc. You can then do a diploma in advertising or management. What you essentially need to learn through any of this is to communicate and build relations and cohesive teams. It can get demanding at times, but then again, you are the leader.

Advertising agent training, programs:

The course that you pursue keeping in mind that you want to become an advertising agent should impart communication, marketing, and management skills. You need to be able to identify the market, skillfully use words, have strong communication skills, and most of all, an eye for success in everything you do.

Advertising agent schools/ colleges, education:

The advantage of aspiring to become an advertising agent is that you have an array of courses to choose from. From psychology, to journalism, to mass communications, to business, to advertising, economics and many more.

Top 5 colleges/ universities:

  • Stanford University- Psychology
  • Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Harvard- Economics
  • Williams College, Williamstown- English Literature
  • University of Urbana, Champaign- Advertising

Advertising agent job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

An advertising agent has no dearth of opportunities. You can either have created your own agency or join one in the beginning. You will always earn on the basis of your clients and their projects. You will have to struggle in the beginning as you establish yourself; but once you do, there is no limit as you establish yourself and there are more people demanding your services. On an average, an advertising agent earns about $55,000 per year.

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