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Advertising is a means of communication which is being extensively used nowadays. Not only is it popular with the new generation, but is also well accepted by the older generations. It is the most common form of mass media which helps to educate the masses about several products and goods. Its dynamic and fresh appeal was the real reason for it becoming a hands down favorite among the masses. And in no time it became a very promising career for thousands across the globe. People are nowadays very eager to try their hands at least once in the advertising industry career.

How to become an advertiser:

The advertising industry career has a large number of openings. Creative personnel of this profession can hone and display his skills in television, news papers and several other electronic and print media like radio, internet and so on. People who are zeroing on this as a career option should have a creative mind brimming with ideas and should be able to create advertisements which are palatable enough. He should be well acquainted enough to draw references from the current affairs.

Advertising industry Courses, Trainings and programs.

Various courses are being offered in reputed institutes for people who aim for a career in advertising. To begin with one can always opt for a bachelor’s degree in mass communication or get a major in advertising and opt for a graphic designing enrichment course. But a major is always preferred. And to get hands on experience one can assist directors of ad film makers or media giants.

Advertising Industry Career, Courses, Schools, Education.

Top schools in the USA are offering degrees in advertisement along with an offer of guaranteed placement and also a brief period of training with famous media institutes. These schools create and provide a very lucrative package of the study program to the students.

Top 5 College/ Universities.

  • New York University,
  • Yale University,
  • WSU
  • Miami Ad school
  • University of Texas
  • Michigan State University

Advertising Industry Job Opportunities, salaries recruitment.

The salary may not be great during the initial stage but as one climbs up the professional ladder everything perfects. The average salary for an advertisement expert in the first year is approximately 350,000 dollars per annum. And there is always room for improvement in terms of salary and work. Work ethics also play a role in perfecting ones career graph.

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