Advertising Production Manager Career

Career Description

The role of an advertising production manager is very exciting, lucrative, and demanding. The main responsibility of an advertising production manager is to hire an able staff of professionals in the advertising department of a firm, training them on the relevant skills in order that they can perform their roles effectively, and assign them tasks for the advertising development as per their clients’ needs.

How to become an Advertising Production Manager:

To become an advertising production manager, candidates should possess thorough knowledge in the field of advertising like creating communication messages, developing ad designs, promoting their client’s messages on various forums to gain visibility and increase branding, etc. Candidates should possess in-depth advertising skills and good creativity is given lot of importance.

Advertising Production Manager Career courses, training, programs:

Students have the choice of choosing from different kinds of trainings and coaching institutes that train students on all the requisite skills to make them good advertising production managers. Candidates who have some kind of work experience of working in any project with an advertising firm are given preference.

Advertising Production Manager Career schools/colleges, education:

Many schools and colleges offer courses like full time, part-time, and distance learning courses through diploma or graduation in advertising field. Students should make use of what these top colleges have to offer to become successful advertising production managers.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

International Academy of Design and Technology

Sanford – Brown University

Herzing University

Westwood College

ITT Technical Institute

Advertising Production Manager Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Candidates who aspire to enter into the career of an advertising production manager can find umpteen opportunities in the industries like advertising agencies, newspaper production, automotive dealership firms, internet advertising firms, etc. Candidates who have higher years of relevant experience are generally preferred for the position of advertising production manager. The total pay of an advertising production manager can be anywhere between $29,000 and $89,000 per year. These salary estimates are taken from Pay Scale which are released via the National Salary data after doing extensive research in the salary in the US.

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