Aeronautical Engineering Career

Aeronautical Engineering Career

An aeronautical engineer is responsible to design, develop and test aircraft, space vehicles, surface effect vehicles, missiles and related component systems by applying engineering principles and techniques. An aeronautical engineer is also accountable for testing models, prototypes, subassemblies or production vehicles to study and evaluate operational characteristics and effects of stress imposed during actual and simulated flight conditions.

How to become an Aeronautical Engineer:

Candidates can complete their high school training and take up general science which definitely has physics in its course structure. They can then take up aeronautical engineering course in their graduation from any of the top schools, colleges, or universities. Students are also expected to have good communication skills and those with work experience are will be given a preference over the others.

Aeronautical Engineering career courses, training, programs:

Many career courses provide course in aeronautical engineering that includes acoustics, thermodynamics, propulsion systems, and other related subjects. These courses assist in planning technical phases of air transportation systems or other aspects of flight operations, maintenance, or logistics.

Aeronautical Engineering career schools/colleges, education:

Many colleges and institutes provide courses that not only provide the necessary education but also help students get into aeronautical engineering companies. Some of the best colleges and universities in the US are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Georgia Institute of Technology

The University of Texas

Cornell University

University of Virginia

The University of Alabama

Aeronautical Engineering job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Aeronautical engineers can find job opportunities in many companies belonging to the aerospace and defense industries, commercial aircraft, military and space systems, aircraft engine manufacturing firms, aerospace, aeronautics, airline, commercial aviation companies, etc. Employers expect applicants to possess at least a couple of years of experience in the field, although it is not mandatory. The Pay Scale estimates suggest that the annual salary of an Aeronautical engineer can range anywhere between $48,000 and $112,000 with the median salary being about $80,000 per year approximately.

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