Agricultural Economist Career

An agricultural economist is one who analyzes the usage of land and crop cultivation. The primary duty of an agricultural economist is to provide solutions for enhancement of crop yield along with helping in maintaining the ecosystem by proper utilization of soil resources. Other duties that the candidate fulfills are assessment of the production, consumption and distribution channels of agricultural produce. The candidate seeking to become an agricultural economist should have excellent communication skills besides being articulate in speech and information dissemination.

How to Become an Agricultural Economist

A candidate who wishes to pursue the field of agricultural economics should complete an undergraduate program with mathematics or statistics as a primary subject from an accredited university with good grades.

After this obtaining a graduate’s degree from a top university with agricultural economics as primary subject can prove to help in taking up this profession successfully.

Agricultural Economist Career Courses, Training, Programs

There are many colleges and universities that offer courses and programs for agricultural economics. Many of these help a candidate in gaining sufficient knowledge about agricultural economics through curriculum that includes subjects such as natural resource management, agricultural policy, food science, farm credit systems, agricultural marketing systems and analysis of various commodities. The mode of teaching includes both qualitative and quantitative aspects of macroeconomics with practical research orientation.

Even a master’s degree in agricultural economics can help a candidate take the career to greater heights.

AgriculturalEeconomist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many good universities are present in the US that focuses on teaching agricultural economics through streamlined syllabi. The primary aim of these universities is to train the candidates in every aspect of agricultural economy.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Cornell University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Florida

University of Illinois at Urbana Campaign

Agricultural Economist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The median average salary of an agricultural economist is about $91,860 per annum.

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