Agricultural engineering career

An agricultural engineer applies the engineering principles of technology and science, combined with agricultural knowledge, to help solveagricultural problems through innovative technology. Agricultural engineers use science to design and develop equipment that makes it easier for the practice of animal husbandry and horticulture.

How to become an agricultural engineer

You can become an agricultural engineer; at craft or technical level or by following apprenticeship. Advisable however, is for you to study towards the relevant qualification, preferably study towards attaining a bachelor’s degree at entry level, in order to be more competitive and dictate your salary scale. Qualifying for a course leading to attaining a bachelor’s degree, in agricultural, mechanical, environmental or automotiveengineering, which are all related subjects towards the prospect of becoming an agricultural engineer, you need to have successfully sat and passed your high school diploma examinations, including engineering science or Physics and Math.

Types, Description, Information

Landing a job in this field means endless possibilities, since there’s a lot of room for growth. The opportunities are almost pit less and your effort beefed up by the on job training, will make you highly marketable, even abroad.

career in this industry requires you to have a knack for creativity, have great people / interpersonal skills, and have a very analytical mind and attention to detail.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

As earlier mentioned, in order to be more competitive when applying for a job as an agricultural engineer, you need to possess a bachelor’s degree and preferably be a registered engineer.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Quite a number of colleges offer training and degree programs to anyone wishing to pursue a career in engineering.

Some of the top 5 colleges are listed below

1. University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

2. San Diego state university, San Diego California

3. Oklahoma state university, Still water OK

4. University of Minnesota, Duluth Minnesota

5. California polytechnic state university, Pomona CA

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Agricultural engineers are not limited in their areas of service and can therefore (contrary to popular belief) work in a wide range of fields, withjob functions including management, development and design, consulting, research testing, planning among many other diverse specifications.

They can work in large corporations as well as private consultancies, in the government or non governmental organizations, or even becomeengineering managers in large farms or estates.

Agricultural engineer’s salaries vary greatly depending on various factors with education level and experience being some of the biggest salary determinants. Their salaries however ranged from 40,000 dollars in the year 2005 and 70,000 dollars; this again is largely dependent on the company that one is looking to be hired in.

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