Agricultural Lawyer Career

One of the most controlled or a regulated industry is agriculture.  Legal issues with regards to agricultural operations, land acquisition, food safety, business planning and implementation require the expertise of an agricultural lawyer.  It is through an agricultural lawyer that legal disputes and issues under the umbrella of agriculture are settled.  Focusing on the laws applied in agriculture, an agricultural lawyer’s job is a challenge but it is at the same time very noble job.  Being one may just be the road an individual might want to take.

How to become an Agricultural Lawyer

To start a career as an agricultural Lawyer one may apply through a law school and specialize in the field of agriculture.  A degree in law or political science will help you jumpstart that dream of becoming an agricultural lawyer.  Getting into courses leading to agriculture, science, history and political science will prepare you in the challenge of becoming an agricultural lawyer.  Being a person who will handle and meet different types of people, one has to be able to communicate well and must have good people skills.  He must be able to have sound judgment and is goal-oriented.

Agricultural Lawyer Courses, training, programs

Equipping oneself through agricultural law programs will help an individual in expanding his knowledge and skills. Being the best agricultural lawyer requires one to further his studies after taking the Agricultural Juris Doctor Program.  One may choose to take a step higher through the Agricultural Masters of Law Program.  Courses such as general law, agricultural law and administrative law train the individual to undertake the big responsibility ahead of him.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Drake University

Penn State University

University of Arkansas

Southern Illinois University

West Virginia College of Law

Agricultural Lawyer Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An agricultural lawyer has the opportunity to become part of a very diverse and complex world of agriculture and its legalities. With all these responsibilities and opportunities at hand an average salary of $108,790 per year is not that bad.  Becoming a lawyer, an agricultural lawyer that is, is a career path where personal growth and financial stability goes hand in hand.



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