Agriculture Careers

Agriculture careers

Agriculture in the USA is one of the oldest industries and is also among the world’s largest and most productive sectors.  Agriculture industry is a huge one and includes production of most types of food, like milk, vegetables, meat etc.

Agricultural industry is a huge industry, and there are a number of options available in this sector.  You can become a part of the Agriculture industry even without any formal training and education.  However, many jobs in this industry like those of farm managers do require some pre-requisite qualifications.

Broadly agricultural industry can be divided into two types, the animal production section and the crop production section.  Depending on the path you have chosen, there are many types of agricultural jobs available.  They can be categorized into the following types: Livestock Farmer, Cattle Rancher, Crop Farmer and Farm Managers.

The job description of agriculture careers varies depending on the path you have chosen.  If you choose crop production, then the busiest times would be during crop sowing and harvesting.  Though agricultural industry is now largely mechanized, constant supervision and follow-ups are required.  The work patterns also depend on the location, as topography plays a vital role in the crop production.

If you choose to be associated with poultry and dairy farms then the job involves different kind of planning and work.  These jobs involve round the year work schedules.

Most people in this industry are self-employed, and the responsibilities involved in these careers mostly do not follow the standard 40 hour work week.  Most agricultural jobs require you to put in long working hours and sometimes, you may have to work on weekends and holidays depending on the work-patterns.

Careers in agriculture can be very demanding.  You should be able to cope with physically strenuous schedules.  However, on the bright side, working outdoors and seeing tangible results of your labor can be very fulfilling.  Most people who choose agriculture careers have either lived on farms before or have a love for the outdoors.

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