Agriculture Education Teacher Career

If there is a teacher who knows just about anything about crop production, raising and breeding animals, agricultural technology and innovations it is the agriculture education teacher.  It is through an agriculture education teacher where information about the broad subject of agriculture is given clarity and color. Teaching agriculture sparks interest on both the students and teacher, be it in the field of agricultural business, research and technology.  Starting a career as a teacher in agriculture education is the next best step on an individual’s career ladder.

How to become an Agriculture Education Teacher

To become a certified agriculture education teacher one must have a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education.  If one must decide to become a professional in agriculture education he has to pursue courses that deal with the science of agriculture.  Aside from the knowledge of agriculture and its various sectors, one must have the skills in communication and teaching.

Agriculture Education Teacher Courses, training, programs

It is a must that an individual who wants to pursue a career in agriculture education to turn his passion towards agricultural courses even while in high school.  Joining agricultural activities will further help an individual open his eyes to the responsibilities of an agriculture education teacher. Having been trained and involved in agriculture, agriculture education and general education one will be able to teach a variety of courses. There are various programs available through organizations and associations of agricultural educators which shall further enhance one’s skills, knowledge and character as an educator.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Tuskegee University

Arkansas Tech University

Fort Lewis College

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

Agriculture Education Teacher Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Being an agriculture education teacher entails one to elevate knowledge through hands-on teaching.  One has the chance to travel and be able to gain access to current agricultural developments and innovations.  Teachers of agriculture education have the opportunity to earn more than other teachers since their contracts are extended to summer months.  The average salary of an agriculture education teacher is $44,000.  Indeed the career of an agriculture education teacher offers much more than one will ever know.




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