Agriculture engineer Career

Career Descriptions:

An agriculture engineer is a person who uses his educational knowledge related to maths and biological sciences into better utilisation of resources for agricultural needs. His job is to solve problems relating to power, irrigation, machines, and equipments and processing of agricultural products. Basically he works on construction of equipments or methods that shall help farmers to improve the overall quality of agricultural products.

How to become an agriculture engineer

In order to become an agriculture engineer, it is important firstly to complete high school education with good grades. The second step is to get a Bachelors degree in agriculture engineering which is supposed to be a four year course that also includes an internship with an agriculture firm. A master’s degree in agriculture or a doctorate program can help a person to get a job in top national agriculture companies. Diploma course in either equipments or yield can act as an add on for anyone interested in a reputed job.

Agriculture Engineer courses, training and programs

If a person manages to do an internship with a reputed company during course of graduation, then he stands a bright chance to grab a job immediately after graduation is complete. But some people do not directly get to work in agriculture related companies and hence fail to qualify during placements. For them it is advisable to complete a diploma course and get specialised to improve the credentials list.

Agriculture engineer top colleges/universities

  • North Dakota State University
  • Oregon State University
  • North Texas University
  • University of Arizona

Agriculture Engineer Job opportunities, recruitment and salary

There is no shortage of job opportunities for agriculture engineers. There is a huge scope in this field as new methods keep coming up each day. These days high tech farming is used to help farmers through the GPS system. The yearly earning of agriculture engineers is around $72000.

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