Agriculture Marketing Career

Career Descriptions:

Agriculture is a vast field and an ever growing one. In this era where technology is helping in advanced agricultural practices, agriculture has got a new face. But everybody is not aware of the practices invented on a daily basis. To sell and popularise these equipments and products, a company needs agricultural marketing employees. The job of these employees is to market their product in such a way that it goes to maximum number of farmers and proves to be useful for the nation.

How to become an agriculture marketing employee

Any person who has great communication skills along with convincing powers can become a marketing employee. But agricultural marketing experts need to have advanced knowledge of agriculture along with detailed information about their company’s products and services. The basic requirement for an applicant to become an agriculture marketing employee is to have a graduation degree in any given subject. But it is always an advantage for the applicant if he has done is Bachelors in agriculture studies. Not all companies have this point as a compulsion, but it gives the applicant an edge.

Agriculture marketing courses, training and programs

Graduation in agricultural sciences is the best position after which you can get into the field of marketing in the same area. Otherwise, one can do a diploma course in agricultural sciences. Plus a certificate course in marketing or a PG in MBA can prove to be of great help and will give the applicant an edge over others. But what one mainly needs to sell a product is confidence and great convincing abilities.

Top colleges/universities

  • University of Arizona
  • University of Southern California
  • Texas University
  • University of Iowa

Agriculture Marketing job opportunities, recruitment, salary

There is a lot of scope in this particular field as many people are needed to sell the huge number of products. One can earn up to $2000 per month.

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