Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic Career

Career Description

The aircraft airframe or structural mechanic works with other professionals on an aircraft like an aircraft engine mechanic or an avionics technician. The primary responsibility of an aircraft airframe or structural mechanic is to execute tasks like structural up-gradations and enhancements as per the requirements and compatibility. This is a specialized job and hence needs skilled personnel to handle the role of an aircraft airframe or structural mechanic.

How to become an Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic:

To become an aircraft airframe or structural mechanic, candidates could opt for any course that teaches them the operations and functions of an aircraft. Candidates who have prior work experience of working in the aircrafts would generally be preferred as they have the better capability of executing their tasks and responsibilities well.

Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic career courses, training, programs:

Various courses and training programs are available for students to choose from. These courses focus on giving detailed account of the working of an aircraft. They also give real insights into the actual working by taking to site locations.

Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates have a wide variety of options to choose from the best institutes of the United States that provide training on aircraft maintenance. Some of the well known universities and schools are given below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

North Central University

Johnson & Wales University

University of South California

California State Polytechnic University

North Central University

Aircraft Airframe Structural Mechanic job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Students who are interested to establish their career as an aircraft airframe structural mechanic will find umpteen number of job openings and growth opportunities. Popular sectors that continuously recruit aircraft airframe structural mechanics are aircraft maintenance services, commercial aviation or airline companies, military and space systems, aircraft engine manufacturing firms, corporate flights, etc. The salary estimates of Pay Scale and released via the National Salary data predict the annual compensation of an aircraft airframe structural mechanic to be between $31,000 and $72,000 with the median salary being $52,000 per year approximately. Employers would expect candidates to possess a minimum relevant full time experience of about 3-5 years.

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