Ambulance Technician Career

Career description:

An ambulance technician, also known as an emergency medical technician, is part of a team responding to both emergency and non-emergency situations.  One is responsible for providing the necessary needs of patients at the scene of the incident and when they are transported to the hospital.  The ambulance technician is tasked to assess the condition of the patient, make a diagnosis, provide treatment and gather personal and medical information.  Aside form giving emergency care, one has to drive the ambulance, check the ambulance making sure that it is clean and all equipments are properly stored in the vehicle.   The ambulance technician must be able to communicate well, work under pressure, quick to think, decide and act, multitask and work with a team.

How to become an Ambulance Technician

There are three types of ambulance technicians.  An aspiring ambulance technician may take on position of a basic and intermediate ambulance technician, EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate, must go through specific hours of EMT training.  The ambulance paramedic or EMT-Paramedic must go through paramedic education.  Get basic training programs provided for by various hospitals and community colleges.  After successfully completing training classes, one may then take a licensing exam. One may then be able work as a registered ambulance technician.  After serving as an ambulance technician for a time, one may consider to take a paramedic degree course.  Get into internships and take a licensing exam for paramedics.

Ambulance Technician Courses, training, programs

Basic and intermediate courses cover patient assessment, CPR, treatment and medication administration, problem management, medication and medical techniques. Anatomy, physiology and life support courses are also taken.  The course program of the paramedic, on the other hand involves more medical sciences and clinical hours.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky

Sanford-Brown Institute (multiple locations across America)

Fortis College (multiple locations across America)

The University of Texas Southern Medical Center at Dallas, Texas

Rice University, Texas

Ambulance Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An ambulance technician may earn from $21,406 to $52,686 annually.  One may secure employment in various hospitals, healthcare facilities, ambulance services, emergency medical services and fire departments.

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