Animal Pathologist Career

Animal Pathology covers the area of diagnosis and research.  A career in animal pathology deals with the different diseases of various animals, whether it is alive or deceased.  It is the animal pathologist’s responsibility to help in the prevention of outbreaks of diseases that is detrimental to both animals and humans.  An animal pathologist is also on the look out for new diseases or pathogens that might affect both domesticated and wild animals.  If this is the career path where you think you can use your skills, knowledge and passion then this is will help you start.

How to become an Animal Pathologist

Before becoming an animal pathologist, one has to gain experience even during high school.  There are pre-veterinary programs available to prepare one in the field of animal pathology.  A bachelor’s degree in biology or animal science will be a good preparation for veterinary medicine.  An animal pathologist is also called a veterinary pathologist that is why a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine is required.  Then one is required to complete his residency as an animal pathologist for two years.  Only then can one get a chance to take the American College of Veterinary Pathology certification exam.  Upon passing, one becomes a certified animal pathologist or veterinary pathologist.

Animal Pathologist Courses, training, programs

An animal pathologist is equipped with courses and trainings regarding veterinary and wildlife pathology.  Students are trained in both anatomic and surgical pathology. There are various programs where an in depth studies of diseases, its cause and their mechanisms are taken.  An animal pathology student is given the opportunity to work with animals both in the lab and in the wild.  An extensive training and research prepares the student in taking the ACVP certification exam.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Cornell University

University of Florida

Ohio State University

University of Minnesota

Purdue University

Animal Pathologist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The salary of an animal pathologist ranges from $75,000-$114,000.  The opportunity to earn is commensurate to ones skill, experience and the type of job he must work on.  Working both in the lab and in the field is one of the perks of being an animal pathologist.

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