Animal Trainer Career

Career Description:

Training animals with regards to behavior, performing and doing various duties or tasks lie in the hands of an animal trainer.  It is the job of the animal trainer to teach various animals to react or behave in a certain manner.  An animal trainer may handle large animals or domesticated pets. It is a must that an animal trainer has a thorough understanding of animal behavior to be able train an animal.  Aside from training duties, an animal trainer monitors the health condition of animals.  He takes on the duty of administering of medications, feeding and bathing and allowing room for physical exercise.  One makes sure that its surroundings are secured and well-maintained.  The challenge of this type of career requires one to be primarily a lover of animals.  Having lots of patience and determination makes one successful in training animals.

How to become an Animal Trainer

The opportunity of becoming an animal trainer opens through a training course designed for animal trainers.  One may obtain a certificate or diploma through animal training schools or institutions providing animal training courses.  Pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal science, zoology or other related fields.  Get into an internship and gain practical experience.  On the job training are also provided for by employers.  Obtain a certification.  Being certified gives one an edge over others.  Continue to learn and equip oneself to be updated with the trends in the field of animal training.

Animal Trainer Courses, training, programs

Animal training programs provides a background in animal behavior and psychology, animal science, nutrition, and training methods.  Hands-on training helps the student apply theories in the real world of training animals.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Penn Foster Career School (online learning)

Sanford-Brown (Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania)

Argosy University, Minnesota

Ashworth College (online learning)

Colorado State University, Colorado

Animal Trainer Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An animal trainer may work in zoos, marine parks, animal shelters or other establishments providing animal services.  One may also run his own business.  Depending on years of experience, one has the opportunity to earn from $19,653 to $56,972 per year.



Trainee Education Requirements

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