Anthropologist Career

Career Description:

Anthropology is a very interesting field which studies everything about origin and physical, cultural, and social development of human beings. Looking at the language the humans speak, their traditions, belief system, possessions and values or ethics and stating hypotheses based on the same to explain their findings based on research.

The physical and biological evolution and development over the years is what anthropologists attempt to comprehend. How exactly does the heredity and the environment affect the development of humans, is also something that they look to figure out. How does the human characteristics vary over the entire earth is also a part of the profile. Physical traits, blood type, and other such information is looked at for this purpose.

How to become an anthropologist:

You need to be a major in anthropology from college. Knowledge of statistics is also required, apart from a couple of foreign languages. A specialization in an area of anthropology which interests you, should certainly help. Training in genetics & human anatomy might be needed, for example, if you want to specialize in physical anthropology. A doctoral degree in anthropology would usually require a minimum of eight years of full-time study post high-school. Fieldwork is an important component of this study. And of course, as an anthropologist you need to keep learning all your life as & when new findings keep cropping up.

Anthropologist career courses, training, programs:

Various courses such as those on human adaptation, political anthropology, inter-subjectivity and ethnographic research, economic anthropology and its impact on various cultures around the world  – all these and more exist for studying at various universities all over the globe.

Archeologist career schools/colleges, education:

Various top universities in the US and other parts of the western society offer courses in anthropology in all its variety and distinction. Both graduate and post-graduate courses are available which help build a solid foundation of anthropology.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Princeton University

University of California, Berkeley

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Boston University

Anthropologist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The earnings of anthropologists differ as per the experience and talent of the anthropologist and the type of job. Salaries exist in the range of USD 24k to USD 82k, while bonus may vary between USD 254 to USD 2457 as per Pay scale.

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