Apartment Maintenance Career

Candidates who are hired as apartment maintenance workers would have to carry out the job responsibilities like maintenance cleaning, repairing, woodwork, plumbing, etc of the apartments. Candidates should have good analytical skills as they have to find defects and fix them. So candidates who would like to become apartment maintenance workers would need basic knowledge of maintenance operations in an apartment, plumbing and carpentry among others related tasks. Candidates who would like to pursue the career as an apartment maintenance worker would find the following information useful and relevant.

How to become an Apartment Maintenance professional:

To become an apartment maintenance worker, there is no definite education path that candidates need to follow. Pursuing graduation will be a definite plus. However candidates with at least a high school degree would be considered eligible for the job. Candidates can pursue additional courses in mechanics from community colleges or vocational centers.

Apartment Maintenance career courses, training, programs:

Candidates who would like to get a holistic understanding of the tasks involved as an apartment maintenance worker can take up courses in electrical and mechanics; develop good problem solving skills, take up preventive maintenance, etc.

Apartment Maintenance career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates can develop their understanding in maintenance of apartments and make a successful career by getting enrolled into any of the following colleges and universities.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Brand man University

Kaplan University

Liberty University

Bryant & Stratton College

Southern New Hampshire University

Apartment Maintenance job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There is a huge demand for apartment maintenance professionals in work in sectors like apartment property management, affordable or low-income housing areas, retirement communities, residential repair and maintenance firms, hotels and hospitality management firms, etc. The hourly wage rate paid out to the apartment maintenance professionals is $12 to $23. This translates to an annual amount of about $27,000 to $57,000. These estimates are given out by the Pay Scale website after conducting extensive research in the United States on salaries paid out to various professionals.

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