Aquatic Scientist Career

Aquatic science revolves around the study of the ocean and freshwater environments.  It is a very broad field wherein one can have many career choices.  The expert in aquatic science is the aquatic scientist.  The aquatic scientist’s job has something to do with the aquatic environment.  One may be involved in conservation, research and development, management, and conservation.  An aquatic scientist can eventually specialize and be part of a team that focuses on a specific aspect of aquatic science.  A career in aquatic science gives one a chance to grow and really do what one wants to do.

How to become an Aquatic Scientist

To jumpstart one’s future as an aquatic scientist, he can get a bachelor’s degree in biology, marine science or other related fields.  One must be organized, analytical and has good math skills.  An aquatic scientist is also tasked to do research, both in the laboratory and field.  It is a must that an individual have good writing and speaking skills to be able to do the job excellently.  One may pursue higher studies.  Getting a master’s or doctoral degree will give one a chance to specialize and be considered in higher employment positions.

Aquatic Scientist Courses, training, programs

An aquatic scientist student will be trained through research.  A student may find himself in the laboratory but there are practical activities and field work also.  One is introduced to organic and inorganic chemistry, geothermal and geological processes, limnology, oceanography and the environment.  An individual is also privileged to do internships.  He is also able to attend several seminars and training programs.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Harvard University

Cornell University

University of Miami

University of California-Santa Barbara

University of California-Berkeley

Aquatic Scientist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A graduate of aquatic science can find a career as a marine biologist, oceanographer, ocean engineer or aquaculturist.  An aquatic scientist may be hired in government agencies, private organizations, or universities.  An aquatic scientist can earn from $32,364 to $83,698 per year.  Being an aquatic scientist opens several doors for specialization.  One must then choose early on must he wants to focus on and reach for that dream.

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