Archaeologists Career

Career Description:

When the past materials remains are utilized to study and understand the past human lives and its cultural benefits then that field is known as archaeology. People who try to dig into different races, cultures, rituals, ad practices that may now be extinct are known as archeologist. They try to solve the mystery of the past by the technical knowledge and know-how of history and its facts. These archeologists work in 3 major stages firstly the collect data from the archeological sites then scrutinize the data in the laboratory and lastly they evaluate and study the data.

How to become an archaeologist:

To become an archeologist one needs to have a post graduate degree in archeology. PhD is also recommended for senior level positions. The candidate with bachelors degree get the entry level jobs such as trainee, apprentice, writer etc. To participate in research projects and to get the grant one must get a doctorate degree.

Archaeologist career courses, training, programs:

There are extensive yet nicely knit courses and programs that would help one to become efficient archeologists. The course modules aim at imparting practical knowledge to deal with the archeological samples and do their analysis and prepare the report. One also studies history, geography, sociology and economics, foreign languages to get good understanding of his own subject. One will also be good at quantitative and qualitative statistics to do the data analysis.

Archaeologist career schools/colleges, education:

The education required for becoming an able archeologist is being provided by several good universities and many fine community colleges. They have programs of their own at the context of this extremely dynamic profession where in the student is also trained about writing the archeological data in reports form.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Stanford University

University of California, Berkeley

Michigan State University

Boston University

Archaeologist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The salary structure mostly depends on the organization one is working for but As per data published in 2009, the median annual salary of archaeologists in the United States is $71,551. The average entry level salaries are around $33,000, while those with experience can earn between $39,000 and $71,000 every year. In the government sectors archeologists are also given sick leaves, pension plans, pension and vacation and private firms provide health insurance.

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