Architectural Assistant Career

An architectural assistant is one who is responsible for assisting an architect in the process of designing structures for a building. The candidate has many responsibilities that include assisting the architects in preparation of maps, layouts and drawings apart from many administrative responsibilities as well. The candidate should have good kwowledge in the construction field along with good organizing skills to excel in the field.

How To Become An Architectural Assistant

The candidate should acquire a high school degree with subjects such as mathematics, physic and chemistry with excellent grades. In order to become an architectural assistant the candidate should acquire a bachelor’s degree in architecture or civil engineering degree as the next step.

Even acquiring a master’s degree in architecture can be an added advantage.

Architectural Assistant Career Courses, Training, Programs

A graduation in architecture is the beginning stage for the candidate and going further obtaining a master’s degree which provides practical knowledge through internship programs can help the candidate in acquiring very good expertise in the field.

Even gaining sufficient knowledge in computerized architectural programs such as Computer-Aided-Designing (CAD) from a reputed institute can prove to be very useful. Even obtaining certification as a licensed architect can prove to be useful for the candidate and enhance the job opportunities.

Architectural Assistant Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many universities in the US offer programs for candidates seeking the field of architecture. These courses are designed in such a way that they provide all the necessary knowledge in both classroom and practical areas. The candidate should choose courses that provide syllabi covering topics such as history of architecture, cost estimation, mechanics of the building materials etc. Thus these courses equip the candidate to take up jobs immediately on completion of the course.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

University of Washington

University of Ohio

University of California

University of Arizona – College of Architecture

Architectural Assistant Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary of an architectural assistant is in the range of $73,000 per annum.

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