Architectural Technician Career

Career Description:

The career of an architectural technician revolves around project documentation, design preparation and development, and work coordination. The architectural technician works hand in hand with architects, engineers and other construction professionals.  His responsibilities include negotiating projects, assessing needs, accomplishing construction briefs, developing construction drawings and providing consultations.  An architectural technician is well-versed in using computer-aided design programs or CAD.  He uses this to come up design proposals.  These design proposals are then presented for approval. One must also have an understanding of building codes and regulations to be able to come up with construction drawings.  Having the right training and background will help one in doing the job of an architectural technician.

How to become an Architectural Technician

To become an architectural technician, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering.  One must also take courses in public administration to have an understanding of policies, regulations and other community issues.  Courses in CAD will also be very helpful since this is the primary tool that an architectural technician uses in coming up with construction drawings.  Get a part-time job in a construction project to gain a practical experience on the various processes and procedures done.  Be trained as an assistant to an architectural technician.  Gain experience and mentorship.  Having ample experience in the field will qualify one to become an architectural technician.

Architectural Technician Courses, training, programs

Architectural courses cover various courses which include design theories, structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems and construction.  One learns to draft by hand and use computer-aided design.  One gains practical skills through activities that involve constructing models and drawings.  Through the program one is able to gain both knowledge and skills that are necessary for this type of career.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Cornell University, New York

Syracuse University, New York

Rice University, Texas

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, California

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia

Architectural Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An architectural technician has an opportunity to earn from $26,144 to $61,516 per year depending on one’s location, employer and experience.  One may gain employment in various architectural firms.

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