Aromatherapist Career

Career Description

The aromatherapist is a new field yet gaining popularity among the youngsters. An aromatherapist work with different fragrant scents, essential oils to heal-up body pains and aches. It is a therapy that helps the people to live a healthy and natural lifestyle. Aromatherapist work profile contains selling the essential oils and fragrant, providing consultancy services about suitable scents and oils, spa facility etc.

How to Become an Aromatherapist

To become an aromatherapist one should have keen interests in various natural fragrant and oils. A certificate course in aromatherapy can help you to get the appropriate knowledge of scents, oils and their characteristics. Many health spa and clinic also offer the training services. So it is advised to join some training sessions before you start working as an aromatherapist.

Aromatherapist Course, Training Programme

Many holistic medicine centers and schools are offering course in aromatherapy. An experience of 2-3 years by working with some professional aromatherapist could be very advantageous.  Some high profile health spas also have short-term aromatherapy courses that can be joined as well.

Aromatherapist School/College/Education

The interested person should have science as a subject at high school level that will help them to know and understand the scientific methodology behind various oils and fragrant. A degree in naturopathy is similarly good and plus point.

Top 5 School/College/Universities

  1. Aveda Institute
  2. Everest College Washington
  3. Everest Institute Oregon
  4. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  5. American Institute of  Natural healing

Aromatherapist Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salary

The salary and benefits of this job depend on the role or service a candidate gets. An average salary for this job varies from $15,000 to $45,000 if you are working in a spa or holistic center. If working as educationist in this field, than you may get other benefits such as paid vacations etc.

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