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Art editor career is an extremely rewarding career for those looking for creative stimulation. Art editors play an important role in defining the design and presentation of art editorials in newspapers and magazines. Art editors are also responsible for providing a direction to advertorials in the print media. Art editor career can be pursued by individuals in the print media industry.

How to become an Art Editor:

There are several programs available that help in career building for art editors but the most important aspect is not the education; it is the a knack for creative thinking and design. One needs to be creative in their thought and should be able to implement the thought into a creative design, which will attract readership for the magazine, newspaper or publication that he/she might be working with.

Art Editor career courses, training, programs:

The basic requirement is knowledge of working with different graphic software’s or programs to create graphic art designs. There are several educational options available to pursue art editor career. Bachelor or associate degree in graphic design is the pre-requisite although a certification course or diploma in the subject can also prove to be useful in furthering art editor career.

Art Editor Career schools/colleges, education

Most courses or programs impart hand-on knowledge on graphic design related subject whether it is a bachelor or associate degree or a simple diploma. Some of the study areas that most programs focus on include typography, understanding of page layout techniques, brand identity designing, stylization and presentation of text, effective visual communication, computer generated art, and art of printmaking among others.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

SJSU School of art and design (San Jose)

Notre Dame de Namur University, California

Columbus College of art and design (CCAD)

University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)         

Art Editor job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for an art editor in the USA varies from $36,255 to $122,641 annually. In the advertising industry, the average salary is higher than it is in the publication industry and averages to $147,217 annually.



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