Artist Career

Career description:

An artist is a person who has specialised his talent for a particular art form, be it music, singing, composing or painting. An artist can belong to any field but the main thing common is the love for field and an expertise in it. An artist career is one which is dedicated to the work in a non compulsive manner. The career chart of an artist may differ from another’s and even the pay scale for different artists can be different depending upon their field and popularity of work.

How to become an artist:

A person can become an artist by having ample amount of passion and dedication for his art. A voice artist needs to attain appropriate training and knowledge about singing whereas a painter needs to know about different forms of paintings and material used. Any artist is required to have knowledge, skills as well as a unique talent for the art he pursues as a career.

Artist career courses, training and programs:

Art is a thing which people possess naturally, but to polish it, rigorous training may be required. Practicing and practically using the art form is definitely of great help. But there are many institutes that offer courses in singing, composing and sketching and painting. These courses may be short term or diploma courses or long term and fully fledged ones.

Artist career school/colleges, education

For each different art form, there are separate schools or colleges with specialisation in that form. The following are a few of such institutes around the world:

Top 5 colleges, universities

  • California college of arts, California
  • University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  • Royal college of Art
  • Harvard university
  • Stourbridge college

Artist career job opportunities, pay/salary

The world is full of artists, some popular ones and some self proclaimed ones. This means there is a lot of scope and growth prospect in any field of Art. Not all artists may be high earning. But the starting salary may be around $10000 per year.

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