Arts Administrator Career

Career description

Any arts organisation needs to do work which deals more with the business and administrative side too. For this purpose, an Arts administrator is hired to look into the daily basis work which is done behind the covers of an Arts society or organisation. The responsibilities and duties that fall into the share of work of an Arts Administrator include management, marketing, budget, public relations and overall development.

How to become an Arts Administrator

To become an Arts administrator, there are no strict and specific educational requirements. But most of the people working at this post need to have a degree in an arts-related subject or even a business degree would be apt. It is always better to have an experience in the field of arts and also in voluntary work to grab the job of an Arts Administrator. The amount of past experience will definitely prove to be an advantage through the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

Courses, training, programs

Courses such as cultural venue operations, cultural heritage, and cultural venue administration can be very helpful in case of landing the job of an Arts Administrator. Some colleges also provide courses in arts management and arts administration which are like direct entry ticket to this job profile. Full and part time postgraduate programs in arts management also exist.

TOP colleges/ Universities

Indiana University, USA

Boston University, USA

Southern Methodist University

University of South Carolina

Arts Administrator Job opportunities, salaries/pay

An Arts Administrator has ample of job opportunities in museums, arts galleries, theatres, art festivals, cultural events and art councils. Promotion in most of these fields is unlikely but art administrators can eventually become art managers after a long period of serving these arts institutions. New employees in this filed can get about $7000 and later on at the senior posts the employees may earn up to $16000.

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