Arts Careers

Arts careers

Art careers are open to anybody with creative talent.  Art is a very broad category and can include various fields.  These careers offer a wide array of paths and one can choose a career path according to one’s aptitudes and interests.

You can become an artist even if you don’t have formal education.  However, it is good to have some kind of formal training, as it always helps.  Different people choose different ways of expressing ideas and thoughts to showcase their talents.

Art careers can be broadly classified into four typesArt directors, Craft artists, Fine artists and Multi-media artists.  Though all the four types require creative people, the expertise required for each field is what marks the difference.

Art directors visualize and design the layouts in both print and digital media.  Craft artists are involved in the creation of handicrafts, which is generally displayed in galleries or museums.  Fine Artists display their paintings and posters which are displayed in art exhibitions, museums or art galleries.  Multi-media artists, as the name suggests are involved with designing and creating art work in the video, motion picture, advertising or computer-related fields.

Most people in art careers dabble in more than one medium.  Some of the other popular choices in art careers include Illustrators,Cartoonists, Medical and scientific illustrators, sketch artists, sculptors, painters, painting restorers.

Art careers can be pursued either full time or part time, depending on your interest.  A number of artists work independently, while some take up regular jobs in the Art and Design sections of firms. Those in regular employment generally put in a 40 hour work week, like any other occupation.  However, they may work overtime and irregular hours to meet with deadlines.  Those working independently may put in a number of hours of the day meeting up with prospective clients or buyers to sell their art.

A career in Art can be very fulfilling as it gives you a chance to express your creativity and talent while making a living.



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