Attorney Career

A career as an attorney entails one to go through a long and rigorous training but at the end of it all one will reap the rewards.  An attorney holds a position that is responsible in bringing justice through his knowledge of the law.  He provides legal services that will give his clients freedom to exercise their rights.  He counsels, advices and represents his clients on legal matter and issues.  One can start a career as an attorney once he decides that reading the law is not enough.

How to become an Attorney

To be admitted in a law school one must take a bachelor’s degree.  Be sure that your degree covers political science and history.  After getting a degree one has to take the Law School Admissions Test.  This test will determine whether one will qualify to go into a law school or not.  While still in law school one can get clerkships or internships.  This provides an avenue for one to specialize and provide one a future job.  After graduating from law school one has to prepare for the bar exam and pass the Character and Fitness evaluation.

Attorney Courses, training, programs

Being an attorney requires one to have excellent communication skills.  There are courses for aspiring attorneys that helps one develop his writing and speaking skills.   Aspiring attorneys take courses in legal writing, constitutional law, negotiation course, professional responsibility and evidence law courses.  Backed-up by internships, clerkship and working with actual clients equips one with the demands of the job.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Yale University

Harvard University

Stanford University

Columbia University

University of Chicago

Attorney Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An attorney can earn from $45,667 to $174,638.  A graduate of law, an attorney, can become a criminal lawyer, a family lawyer or a corporate lawyer.  An attorney can work in government agencies or law firms.  One can do a private practice and have his own law office.  He may also bring his knowledge and skills in schools and educate other aspiring attorneys.   Though there is a tough path one should take before finishing law school, being an attorney proves to be financially, intellectually and socially rewarding.

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