Attorney General Career

Career Description:

The career of an attorney general is not a position one can apply for.  The position is an appointment by the country’s president.  The attorney general is the head of the country or state’s Department of Justice.  He is also given the responsibility of a chief legal advisor of an executive or legislative branch.  The attorney general takes on the position of representing the government in the Supreme Court.  One also provides legal advice to the president and the leaders of the different executive departments.  As the head of the Department of Justice, he is supported by agencies falling under its jurisdiction, including the law enforcement agencies.  The attorney general is limited to supporting the law and does not have a hand in changing it.

How to become an Attorney General

A person vying for the position of an attorney general must take the steps towards becoming a lawyer or attorney.  One has to earn a bachelor’s degree in any pre-law related field.  Go for an admission into law school by passing the LSAT.  Get into internships and get involved in a legal or justice organization.  Graduating from law school makes one a Juris Doctor and eligible to take the bar exam.  After passing the bar exam, one becomes licensed to practice as an attorney.  Get into the military as it gives opportunities to be part of the government.  Network and build relationships to gain peoples’ interest and trust.  Move up the ranks and attain great accomplishments as an attorney or secretary of the state.

Attorney General Courses, training, programs

A law degree gives one a background in various courses including theories of law, legal methods, principles, ethics, legal research and writing, trial process, constitutional law, and civil procedures.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Yale University, Connecticut

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

Columbia University, New York

University of Chicago, Chicago

Attorney General Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The attorney general’s salary ranges from $35,034 to $184,220 per year. As an attorney general of the country or a specific state, one has an opportunity to work in a government office or a public law office.

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