Audio Recording Engineer Career

An audio recording engineer is an individual who works with a variety of audio and recording equipments so as to produce sounds mix audio tracks and also record audio pieces for a variety of purposes. These individuals may be employed at a number of settings such as TV production house, live event organizations, radio broadcasting channels etc. To become an audio recording engineer, one needs to possess certain educational qualifications as well as skills etc. Let’s find out more about the career of an audio recording engineer.

How to Become an Audio Recording Engineer

Any person who wants to become an audio recording engineer must firstly have a passion for audio and music and should atleast possess a high school diploma. Most employers do not ask for any specific college degrees but training in audio recording, mixing etc may surely be required.  The candidate must have good listening skills, ability to work for long hours and knowledge of sound, tempo, tone etc.

Audio Recording Engineer Career Courses, Training, Programs

There are many courses in music and audio etc which can train an individual who wants to become an audio recording engineer for a company. These courses may be short term or long term and provide the right amount of knowledge to the applicants.

Audio Recording Engineer Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many institutes and audio schools etc which provide education that is required to become audio recording engineers. These colleges and institutes are often governmental or privately owned.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Full Sail University

University of Phoenix

Southern New Hampshire University

Liberty University

Audio Recording Engineer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The employment opportunities for audio recording engineers are likely to improve in the coming years and this is a constantly growing field. The average median salary of an audio recording engineer is between $20000 and $55000.

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