Auto Body Repair Career

An auto body repair career revolves around the repair and maintenance of vehicles. The auto body repair technician takes on duties such as repairing dents, repair and replace auto parts, realign frames, installation of auto body parts, and fix other automotive problems.  Depending on the employer, one may also do painting jobs on the vehicle. One is to use special tools and equipment to be able to do this job.  Doing this type of career entails one to have an eye for detail as well as skills in communication and computer use.

How to become an Auto Body Repair Technician

To become an auto body repair technician, one must at least have a high school diploma.  Earn courses in auto body repair through a technical or vocational school.  One must have a driver’s license as well.  Gain relevant experience by becoming an assistant to an experienced auto body repair technician.  If one is hired in a manufacturing company, the employer provides training for newly hires auto body repair technicians. Obtain certification through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Take continuing education courses to be updated with the new trends in the industry.

Auto Body Repair Courses, training, programs

Through a technical school program on auto body repair, an aspiring auto body repair technician gains the necessary background for the job.  The program covers various areas such as auto maintenance, safe working procedures, bench work, welding, plastic repair, metal work, door servicing, glass installation, electrical systems, frame and wheel alignment, collision repair, painting, mechanics, and communication.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Universal Technical Institute (Massachusetts, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona)

Wyo Tech (Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Florida, California)

NASCAR Technical Institute (Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, California, Texas)

YTI Career Institute, Pennsylvania

Marine Mechanics Institute, Florida

Auto Body Repair Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An auto body repair technician has the opportunity to earn $87,000 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits. Employment may be found in auto repair shops, car and truck dealers, and manufacturing companies.  One may also become self-employed.

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