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Career Description

The job of an automobile designer is very important in an automobile manufacturing and automobile auto parts firm. The main role of an automobile designer is to design and develop blueprints of various automobiles and its parts. The automobile designer also gets the designed coordinated and approved from various supervisors and managers before releasing the automobile designs for production.

How to become an Automobile Designer:

To become an automobile designer, candidates need to have the relevant education and experience since the job of an automobile designer is a very specialized one. The candidates should preferably take up manufacturing courses or mechanical engineering in their graduation and post graduation. The candidates are also expected to have knowledge of various technologies to create design of new engineering products.

Automobile Designer career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses and training programs that can equip students with all the relevant courses and training programs to become able automobile designers. These courses focus on training on engineering techniques and designing methodologies.

Automobile Designer career schools/colleges, education:

Students can choose from a diverse set of colleges and universities that can provide students with the best training they can find all over the world. Some of the top colleges and universities are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Ferris State University

Central Michigan University

Southern Illinois University

Minnesota State University

University of Central Missouri

Automobile Designer job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Those candidates who are interested to become automobile designers can work in many sectors. Popular sectors where there multiple openings can be found are engineering design for construction, oil and gas industries, steel and metal manufacturing industries, manufacturing and distribution industries, aerospace and defense industries, etc. It is advisable to possess the relevant education and at least a couple of years of experience in this field to gain an edge over the others. According to the salary estimates of Pay Scale and released through National Salary data, the annual compensation of an automobile designer can range between $32,000 and $87,000 with the annual median salary being $60,000 approximately.



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    sir, i am studied in diploma in mechanical i’m confused what can i do after completing diploma to make design engineer for mechanical and how’s the value of it

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