Ballet Dancer Career

life has its own notes and those who learn to dance on it not only enjoy a joyous life but also can make bucks from it. Ballet dancing is a profession which earns you, bread butter and lot more! Full of fame it has a whole new world of glittering glamour to offer. A ballet dancer travels the world with her magical feet, dazzling dresses on and a huge audience with hearts open to applause and admire.

How to become a ballet dancer:

After a firm determination to become a ballet dance the aspirants also need to acquire proper training in the very form of dance. It would be wise to start your training in your infantry or teenage years as the earlier you start learning, the quicker you will become a professional.

Ballet dancer career courses, training, programs:

The great career begins with right choices. Thus, choosing the apt course is palpable. One should start ballet at the high school itself as mammoth amount of training is required to become a ballerina. To become a professional opting dancing with ballet majors as graduation program is a smart leap!

Ballet dancer career schools/colleges, education:

Though pursuing a certified course would help you to learn the right techniques of performing the art form, it is sheer your practice and dedication that would help you to shine on the dancing field.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • Butler University
  • Indiana University
  • SUNY, Purchase
  • Texas Christian University
  • University of Oklahoma

Ballet dancer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

This is one such profession which tends to leave you with lesser earning opportunities with your growing age. As a ballerina would be required to have the perfect poise and grace, the companies hiring dancers tend to give more preference to the young ladies. As stated by PayScale, the average salary of a dancer having 5 years experience is $61,000 while the one having around 19 years of experience could wisely earn $30,000 annually on an average.

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