Bank Examiner Career

Career Description:

The bank examiner is important personnel in the banking operations. His duties involve guaranteeing that the activities of bank are entirely legal and they ensure financial stability to the organization. The bank examiner finishes his assignments via audits and checking of the official bank records. The position is typically found at federal levels with the US treasury department or at the regional or state level with several agencies and reserves.

How to become a bank examiner:

A four-year bachelor’s program in finance or economics is usually the first step to become a bank examiner. After earning a degree, the next step involves completion of at least some years of internship or job experience with so as to earn professional competency.

A bank examiner has to demonstrate the credibility and comprehensive knowledge of financial regulations. Besides, strong supervisory skills and demonstrated credibility are the necessary virtues required to succeed.

Bank examiner career courses, training and programs:

There are some colleges that offer the specific degrees to sit for the bank examiner test. It’s important to pass graduation ahead of any specific training program. The courseware covers accounting, finance concepts, economics and security and risk analysis. Training is involved throughout the career of bank examiners.

It’s important that the bank examiner keeps abreast of the banking laws and the amendments that are passed from time to time. In most states the bank examiner can sit for an exam to elevate himself to the next level.

Bank examiner career schools/colleges, education:

There are several good institutes that impart bank examiner education. Some top class community colleges provide the courses covering the syllabi of the bank examiner.

 Top 5 colleges/universities:

Columbia University

University of Ohio

University of California, San Diego

University of Maryland

 Bank examiner job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Bank examiners are high in demand and are employed by public and private sector banks, state and federal authorities, audit companies and similar organizations. They are usually paid an average salary of $60,000 per annum.

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