Bank Loan Officer Career

A bank loan officer career deals with lending out loan to bank customers. The primary job lies in making a loan accessible to the banks customer or any other individual. The job requires knowledge in finance, banking, and loans. A bank loan officer not only has to know about the lending policy and requirements of the bank but should also know whether a customer requiring a loan is capable of paying it back or not. It is a challenging job and comes with good growth opportunities.

How to become a Bank Loan Officer:

Although experience really counts when it comes to dealing with customers and their loans one can start as a loan executive or trainee and then slowly gather experience and grow on the job. One of the important areas to consider is the type of loan. One can opt for the banking sector and be involved in different types of loan or choose a specific sector like the automobile industry and focus on auto loans only. The basic qualifications for bank loan officer career are a degree in finance, economics, accounting or any related field.

Bank Loan Officer career courses, training, programs:

One of the top programs for prospective bank loan officers is the bachelor of business administration in finance. This is a detailed program and provides in-depth knowledge in banking as well as finance. Some of the other options include bachelor’s degree in finance, bachelor of commerce, bachelor of economics and even Master’s of business administration (MBA).

Bank Loan Officer Career schools/colleges, education:

Most courses in finance, banking, and business administration focus on areas that will help one to grow as a bank loan officer in their respective industry. As a part of the curriculum, one will get to know about everything from asset management to financial statement analysis, bank management, loan management, financial policies, bank strategy etc.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Mendoza College of Business

McIntire School of Commerce

Kellogg School of Management

Marshall School of Business

George Washington University’s School of Business       

Bank Loan Officer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for a bank loan officer in the USA varies from $12,000 to $104,000 annually. The salary varies with the bank or institution like the average at Bank of America is $41,556 while at JP Morgan chase, it is $26,917.

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