Bank Security Guard Career

Career description:

A bank security guard provides security to a bank by authenticating entry of people. They implement the installation of various systems at the entry of the bank. The bank security guard follows the instructions of a bank security officer and helps in analyzing and identifying people or things that can harm the assets of the bank and its people.

How to become a Bank Security Guard:

To become a bank security guard, candidates should preferably have a Bachelor’s or master degree courses in security related subjects. Candidates must know the rules that govern the security provisions in the bank and comply with them thoroughly. The candidates should try to prevent any possible security lapse and try to provide solutions for loopholes in security.

Bank Security Guard career courses, training, programs:

Various subjects that are taught in security related courses in various teaching institutions are law enforcement, forensic science, cyber-crime, paralegal studies, emergency services management, etc. These are excellent courses that can empower the candidate to become an effective bank security guard.

Bank Security Guard career schools/colleges, education:

Various colleges and universities in the United States teach excellent courses in security management. Candidates can enroll into these courses. These are mostly 2-4 year courses and are conducted in both part time and full time formats.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

ITT Technical Institute

Baker College Online

Keiser University

Colorado Technical University

Sanford – Brown College

Bank Security Guard career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates can find immense job opportunities to work as a bank security guard in many kinds of banks that include government, private, and institutional banks. The focus is more on data, information and security of money. The annual salary of a bank security guard can range from $15,000 to $30,000 per year depending on the hourly rate paid to them. The median salary is in the range of $22,000 per year. These salary estimates are taken from Pay Scale website.

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