Banking Careers

Banking careers are extremely profitable options for those who are capable in that field. Most countries hold tough entrance examinations for employment in nationalized banks. Bankers need to be proficient in mathematics, accountancy, economics and other allied subjects. However, with banking becoming a service like any other, bankers must also present a smart exterior and be well mannered and helpful to customers. Some important skills needed by bankers include:

  • A banker must be well versed with banking regulations, government regulations on insurance etc. He or she must also be proficient in all departments of banking, which are numerous, like foreign exchange, insurance, loans etc. Accounting is the most important aspect of a banker’s profession.
  • A banker must be a good communicator. He or she must answer a customer’s queries with good grace and thus create a valuable brand for the bank in which he works.
  • A banker must be well versed in the clerical aspects of his job which includes the maintenance of records, track sheets, log books and accounts.

Bakers can be of many kinds, like mutual fund advisors, investment bankers, commercial bankers etc. Each field requires a separate skill set with some basic functions in common, based on which, the merit of a banker can be judged.


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