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A bar career, just like any other in the hospitality requires good people skills. If you are involved in serving clients, you should know your drinks well and how to mix them. You should also have the prices of the drinks at your finger tips. You will deal with clientele from different walks of life. Some of your customers can be rough and you will need to be firm in handling them. You will also be required to handle safety and security issues and have good listening skills. Most clients will want to talk to you as a form of therapy.

How to Have a bar Career

To have a bar career, complete High School first. You have the option of attending a bar training school if you want to have a professional bar career. If you have not had bar training, getting some degree of experience in bar jobs can get you started off in a bar career.

You should be attractive and stimulating. If you are not physically attractive, then you can work at being intellectually attractive since you need to be able to keep the customers coming using your personality or looks. You should be able to freely interact and connect with your customers. To learn how to do this, you can observe bar tenders at work.

Before you start out on your bar career, it is important that you know the state requirements for the minimum age one can get into bar careers. Different states have different minimum age requirements that vary from 18-21 years. You will also need to prove that you do not have a criminal record to have a bar career.

Types, Description, Information

In a bar career, you can have the option of working in a bar, hotel, neighborhood pub, catering parties, restaurant, night club, country club, airline or cruise line.

You have also the option of becoming a bar tender, security personnel, performer or cleaner.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Your bar training course should provide you with hands on training on how to work in a bar.

Some of the classes you will have in a bar training school includes how to mix drinks, product knowledge which includes beers, wines, ales, categories of drinks, bar management courses like profit margins, ordering products and inventory control.

There are online certification programs which provide you with alcohol certification straight out from their websites.

Bartending Schools, Colleges, Universities

A high school education and an interest in a bar career is what you need as a prerequisite for admission to Bar Training school. Some of the popular colleges in US offering bar career courses include:

  • Colorado Springs Bartending Academy in Colorado
  • Boston Bartenders School of America in Boston, Connecticut,
  • Denver Bartending and Casino College in Denver
  • Boston Bartenders School
  • Academy of Professional Bartending—Country wide

Job opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The job outlook for bar careers is good. Most individuals can get bar jobs straight out of bar training schools.

When carrying out a job search for bar careers, show in your resume that you have an outgoing personality and are a fun person.

In a bar career, you can make as much as $300 in a day from your daily wages and tips.

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