Barber Career

A barber’s world revolves around meeting people and making them look good.  It is the job where one finds fulfillment by making others feel good and confident about themselves.   A barber’s job is to cut and style the hair of his clients, usually male clients.  Aside from haircuts, a barber provides other personal care services.  He offers beard and mustache trims, shaving and shampooing.  A barber can also help one get a new hair color, highlights and other hair or scalp treatments.  Still, others provide facial, skin and nail care.  A barber has to keep track of his clients by monitoring the products used and the treatments done.  The barber may also provide advice on the best products in the market and may even sell these in his shop.

How to become a Barber

To become a professional barber, one must be a high school graduate.  One must acquire the necessary training from barber schools and then proceed to earn a degree.  It is a must that a barber obtains a license to get started. An aspiring barber must take in training in hair styling, skin and facial care and other personal services.  He must continue to educate himself by attending seminars.  Being updated with the latest trends, products and tools makes one a popular choice of clients.  A background in selling and marketing poses an advantage for a barber.

Barber Courses, training, programs

Courses especially designed for barbers helps one acquire skills in styling, hair treatments, skin and nail care.  One is given background in the use for hair care tools and equipments.  One also gains practical experience and business skills.  There are also courses offered that would help one acquire good customer service skills.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Florida

Indian River State College, Florida

Pensacola Junior College, Florida

Hinds Community College, Mississippi

John C Calhoun State Community College, Alabama

Barber Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A barber can either get an employment in various barber shops or start his own barber shop. The salary of a barber ranges from $20,569 to $38,567 per year.

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