Benefits of Career in Marketing

Marketing is a field which requires certain skills and qualifications that can be used not just in this particular profession but which can also be applied in other areas. Marketing as a career means to study the various factors which influence and affect a market and then develop strategies which will help the company to use those factors to his advantage. Sales and marketing go side by side.

There are many aspects of running a business which are dependent on sound marketing principles. A company which sells products and services must make sure that all this is sold to the consumer or client. But there are so many options available to choose from and so he has to make his brands stand out. The marketing department plays a key role in influencing the market.

A career in marketing thus gives you many skills and work experience which you can use in your job and also in other areas related to this. Here are a few benefits of a career in marketing:

  • Marketing careers are a great way of developing contacts and widening your network. If you are in a field of sales and marketing, you will need to have an expansive network which is crucial for the expansion of your company.
  • A person working in the marketing department has very good communication skills. It is a field which requires one to come up with various promotional activities using creativity and analytical tactics in order to reach out to the consumer.
  • There are many other careers that you can branch out to if you have a degree in marketing. Besides being a marketing executive, you can work with an advertising agency, do research on the market and consumer, work as a brand manager etc
  • This is a very lucrative field and one can earn anywhere from $59,000 to $120,000 a year.

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