Biochemical engineering career

Biochemical engineering is a branch of chemical engineering that is geared towards applying engineering skills to conceive, design and develop processes and systems with the aim of creating new products. Due to the similarities involved in the material and curriculum subjects, and considering that both require similar problem solving skills applied in chemical and biological engineering, biochemical engineering is taught as a supplementary option. However, there are some colleges that offer biochemical engineering on its own.

How to become an biochemical engineer

You can become a biochemical engineer by studying towards earning grades that grant you an opening in this line, and most outstanding should be your performance in Mathematics and Chemistry as they are prerequisites when it comes to this course. This is where you ought to really stand out while in high school to have higher chances of qualifying for a course in a subject related to this career.

Types, Description, and Information

You must make sure that you are always sharpening your skills to best update yourself with the new technologies that are being developed daily due to the innovation coming from all quotas.

To work in this field, you need to have exceptional problem solving skills and be very analytical and innovative in thinking. You also must possess great people skills, since you are required to work in teams for the most part.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

You must possess at the very least a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to gain employment as a bio chemical engineer. You must also be registered as a professional engineer.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Listed here are some of the top 5 colleges that offer programs related to bio chemical engineering

1. Stanford University, Palo CA

2. San Jose state University, San Jose C.A

3. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green KY

4. Boise state University, Boise Idaho

5. Wichita State University, St. Wichita Kansas

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Biochemical engineers can work in many fields, just as long as there is a biological or chemical process conversion involved, trust to find them there, for example, in waste management, textile manufacturers, construction companies, to name but a few. They work alongside Scientists, Mathematicians, technicians and administrators and mainly work in chemical process industries that include food and beverage, chemical, gasoline and oils etc

Biochemical engineer’s salaries vary depending on the company they are working for or plan to work for, the average salary however is 72,490 dollars with the lowest earning 48,450 and the highest according to statistics earning 107,520 dollars annually.

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