Biochemist Career

Biochemistry deals with the chemical processes of living organisms.  It studies both living organisms and life processes.  It sounds complicated but a biochemist understands just about anything about biochemical processes.  The love for life and how it all works can be an interesting career.  A biochemist is an expert in providing solutions for issues arising at the basic level of life.  This makes a biochemist in demand in various industries such as manufacturers, centers for research and agencies.

How to become a Biochemist

Preparing to become a biochemist requires one to focus himself in the sciences.  A good background in biology, chemistry, physics, communication and math can give you enough preparation before getting a degree.  One can get a bachelor’s degree in Science to get started.  Then one can pursue further studies and earn a master’s or doctoral degree.  Post graduate studies will help one specialize in a certain field of biochemistry.  A biochemist should not only desire to do research or laboratory work but one have to be organized and have an eye for detail.

Biochemist Courses, training, programs

Pursuing a career as a biochemist requires one to earn internships and participate in programs relevant to your degree.  Trainings and programs will give one a bigger exposure in the field of biochemistry, making him gain more skills.  Taking electives such as communication is needed to be effective on the job.  Working with a team, doing research and publishing them requires one to take courses that will further develop one’s communication skills.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of California-Berkeley

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harvard University

Stanford University

University of California-San Francisco

Biochemist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Biochemists can be hired as researchers, supervisors, directors in universities, government agencies and private companies.  It is also possible for a biochemist to teach and do research at the same time.  There is a big opportunity for a biochemist in the medical industry too.   Sales and marketing is also an avenue where a biochemist can use his skills and training. A biochemist may earn a salary between $40,690 and $68,006 based on one’s skill and experience.

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