Brand Advertising Manager Career

A brand advertising manager is involved in the management of advertising campaigns and communications.  He is to oversee the planning, development, and implementation of marketing and creative strategies.   He makes sure that both advertising and marketing activities brings the right message to the consumers. It is his goal to influence as well as educate consumers through the improvement of products and services offered by the company.

He is also tasked to monitor and analyze trends in the market to ensure that products and services get through the market.  A brand advertising manager collaborates with the advertising and marketing team including product developers, market researchers and staff, and creative team.

How to become a Brand Advertising Manager

To become a brand advertising manager, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, journalism, or other related field.  Pursue advanced studies and earn a master degree in marketing, business, economics or other related field.  One advances to this career position by gaining relevant work experience in the industry.  One must have excellent skills in communication, organization, leadership, and management.  One must also have skills in computer use.  Obtain a marketing certification.  Certification indicates competence as well as achievement.

Brand Advertising Manager Courses, training, programs

An advertising degree helps one gain the necessary knowledge and skills for a brand advertising manager career.  The program covers various areas such as mass media, public relations, persuasion, advertising media planning, advertising creative strategy and execution, theories of human communication, principles of advertising, advertising and social responsibility, communication law, publication production, desktop publishing, computer imaging, advertising campaigns, international advertising, and advertising research.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

The University of Texas at Austin, Texas

Michigan State University, Michigan

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, Pennsylvania

University of Florida, Florida

Brand Advertising Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A brand advertising manager has the opportunity to earn an average of $81,000 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits.  Employment may be secured in various industries such as radio and television broadcasting, advertising, branding, sales promotions, marketing, media management, and retail.

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