Brewing engineering Career

brewing engineering career deals with the provision of engineering expertise to be used to design, install and modify plants that are used for brewing, beer processing and high speed packaging plants. Prominent in a brewing engineers mind, should be, management and conservation of energy, steam and water.

How to become a brewing engineer

In order to become a brewing engineer you need to have a bias in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, leading up to a tertiary level of education. A bachelor’s degree is the basic minimum for you to get a job a brewing engineer. Postgraduate studies can be pursued on campus or online.

Types, Description, Information

As a brewing engineer you are mainly involved in most of the stages of beer processing and packaging plants. It requires you to collaborate and manage a team of technicians responsible for providing site services and maintenance of the plant to maximize on its targeted production. They are also responsible for preparing budgets at the plant.

There are a number of skill sets that this line of work demands of you, you need to possess great communication skills for the purpose of communicating with the rest of the specialist technicians, have great problem solving skills, and be able to work efficiently and accurately. Understanding of brewing techniques is key in this industry.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

This is a science related subject and its highly advisable that you should possess a bachelor’s degree at entry level for you to gain employment with a lot more ease and in addition make it easier for you to negotiate a good entry package.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Listed below are some of the top 5 engineering schools that offer brewing engineering programs

1. Ohio State university, Columbus OH

2. Southern polytechnic state university, Atlanta GA

3. University of California, Los Angeles CA

4. North Carolina state university, Raleigh NC

5. Texas A&M university, College station TX

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Most of the brewing engineers tend to find more opportunities in the larger breweries than in smaller beer making plants. If they take engineers then small firms take one or two and they are in charge of the other technicians and oversee the overall running of the plant. Therefore, it is good to target the bigger processing firms.

The average salary for a brewing engineer is 59,000$, the location, company and experience are key determinants of the salary one is likely to earn in this capacity.

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