Building Project Manager Career

A building project manager is a person responsible for overseeing all the work that is being done in the process of making a building. He works under a construction company banner and manages the staff as well as equipments and materials used at the construction site. What a building project manager basically does is that he looks into the smooth functioning and working of a construction building. It is his duty to provide for materials and act as a link between workers and the client.

How to Become a Building Project Manager

In order to become a building project manager, one needs to be at the least a graduate. For that it is necessary for the applicant to have completed his schooling from a recognized institute or school. It is always preferable and better if the graduation program pursued is in a field related to management. A person needs to have strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate well with co workers. He also needs to have knowledge of the materials and the equipments required at a building project.

Building Project Manager Courses, Training, Programs

In case a person doesn’t pursue his Bachelors in something related to either construction or management, then he is needed to complete a training program or a diploma course in the given field. A PG degree holder in Management is possible the best choice for the recruiters.

TOP 4 colleges/ Universities

Dakota State University

University of Buffalo

University of Ohio

Georgia University

BUILDING PROJECT MANAGER Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

A building projects manager can easily get through a company if he has an experience of at least 3 years in the field. The scope for promotion is quite good and the earnings can be around $40000 each year. But once you are within the job profile then life becomes smooth as the work load is shared by a lot of employees working under a building project manager.

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