Building Surveyor Career

Every local authority, companies and individuals invest considerably in real estate – property, buildings and land, which has to be managed by registered surveyors. Surveyors are in the heart of every major planning and building of urban properties. Surveyors cover the following fields: quantity, building, land measurement, planning and development, valuation and providing technical support. Building surveyors are responsible for maintaining, repairing and improving properties. They also do building consultancy services.

How to Become a Building Surveyor

To be a building surveyor, you must possess a high school diploma and a specialized certificate from a college or university. After passing civil service examinations, check government job listings available in many public libraries all over the country and employment offices for placement. Classified advertisements in the papers or job banks on the internet carry information on job opportunities for building inspectors as well.

Types, Description, Information

Building inspectors are mostly assigned to big construction projects to be the resident inspectors. With assistance from engineers, contractors and architects, they ensure that buildings conform to building codes and assist in enforcing specifications, plans and technical requirements. In public agencies, advancement majorly depends on passing the civil service examinations for promotions. A building surveyor can be also be a construction inspector, and this requires further knowledge and involves greater responsibility.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

The minimum entry requirement to achieve a career in building surveyor is a recognized diploma in one of the above listed above or a relevant subject such as the built environment, property or construction. Alternatively, you should have or be working towards a BSc construction degree, recognized building control qualification or related courses. Some colleges, however, certify apprenticeships in building surveyors from selected or recognized contractors.

Some of the colleges that offer these certifications and courses are:

  • Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
  • Aims Community College, Greeley, Colorado
  • Green River Community College, Washington
  • Iowa State University, Iowa
  • Tompkins Cortland Community College, New York
  • Westwood College – Anaheim, Various campuses

Job opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Surveyors are employed mainly by the local government but there are lots of other branches of the job, especially in construction companies and consultancy services. Building surveyors may rise up the ladder as they gain experience and get higher qualifications from studying part time or taking study leaves. Building surveyors earn very well compared to other workers in the construction industry. A beginner fresh graduate may earn a salary ranging between $18 and $30 but much more experienced workers earn as much as $50 an hour in one job. It is not uncommon to find building surveyors working in more than two companies, at times offering consultancy services. Per year the pay is $57,000 on average

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