Business Consultant Career

Career description:

The profession of a business consultant is very dynamic in nature. He /she has to chalk out business strategies for the clients to prosper in their respective fields. There are various factors to be considered, like incidence of risk, available funds, back-up financing, labor relations, integrating innovative technology and many such things. The work of a business consultant is to do rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis and speculate the future and prescribe the best possible business solutions to the clients.

How to become a business consultant:

There is a definite path to become a successful business consultant. The concerned person must be an undergraduate student. The stream of study is not important, but the point that is more crucial is developing a rational sense of business activities and developing acumen of solving practical problems. Doing an MBA is extremely essential. Some of the candidates also continue to complete their doctorate in business management.

Business consultant career courses, training, programs:

There are numerous management related courses in the US that are considered to be the world’s best. These training programs equip the concerned persons with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to become efficient business consultants.

The programs are firmly based on practical case studies and assignments that provide the necessary expertise to the candidates and they learn to implement innovative strategies while giving consulting solutions to the clients.

Business consultant career schools/colleges, education:

The US education system in the field of business management is extremely strong. The top and mid-tier universities give exposure to the international business scenario to the students.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Harvard Business School

Vanderbilt University

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

University of Texas, Austin

William and Mary College

Business consultant career job opportunities salaries/pay:

The scope of starting an illustrious career as a business consultant is huge. The top consulting firms and management corporations seek for business consultants from reputed schools and universities. The average starting salaries offered are to the tune of $100000/annum. Those who are experienced can even expect $130,000/annum exclusive of perks.

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