Business Continuity Manager Career

A business continuity manager is tasked to reduce operational risk. He is the one who is responsible for identifying business threats and provides a framework that will help a business become resilient.  The business continuity manager holds a key position in risk and crisis management, making contingency plans and helps a business recover from any disaster.  This career entails one to be focused and detail-oriented.  He must be able to communicate well and is able to think outside the box.  One must possess leadership and people-skills.

How to become a Business Continuity Manager

If one has the ability to plan, organize and implement, then one may have a future in business continuity management.  An individual aspiring for a career in this field may earn a degree in business continuity management.  Getting this degree will give one a specialized training in business continuity and crisis management.  It is a must that one is able to gain skills in communication, both written and spoken.  One must get certification so that he can get a better employment opportunity.  Being certified will make employers give an individual a second look.

Business Continuity Manager Courses, training, programs

The training program provides the student skills that are necessary for planning and implementing business responses to certain risks or disasters.  He is also trained in project management and marketing.  The specialized courses give the student a chance to focus on the knowledge and skills actually needed for the job.  Getting trained in communication will give the student confidence and increase one’s reliability on the job.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Akron

University of Florida

West Texas A&M University

University of Phoenix

Argosy University

Business Continuity Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A business continuity manager can find work in both private and public organizations/companies. The career path of a business continuity manager depends upon one’s skills and experience.  Together with this one should be equipped with character and a good attitude towards helping others.  A business continuity manager may earn an average of $98,000 per year.   One can advance towards a senior or global position; the position can give one a more financially rewarding career.

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