Business Development Director Career

Career Description:

A business development director heads the product and services sales support team of a company, focusing in maintaining the current clientele and also expanding the client base. The responsibility is huge, as the title of the post suggests. The expansion of the company, that is a continuous growth of it revenues and operating profits depends on the policies framed and enacted by the business development director. He/she has to integrate innovations in the strategies of developing business in a full-fledged manner.

How to become a business development director:

The major requirement for becoming a business development director is an MBA from a reputed university or business school. The interested person also needs to have ample experience in the arena of developing a business, especially in the framework of an international market. The person needs to be on his/her feet about the latest information and technical progress in developing the business with respect to popularizing a specific service or product.

Business development director career courses, training, programs:

The programs for executives in various business schools are beneficial to develop the skills of business development and increasing the prospects of becoming a business development director. Moreover, the course modules in the MBA classes are tailor-made with ample case studies that teach the finer points of the being competitive in the field.

Business development director career schools/colleges, education:

The top business management schools in the USA have enough capacity to churn out excellent business development director. The curricula of these schools are regarded as the best in the world.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Indiana University, Bloomington

University of Chicago

University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Business School, Stanford

Yale Business School

Business development director career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

In most of the cases, multi-national companies need business development directors. Even the local corporations also have a demand. The pay packet is huge, in the range of over $120,000 plus other perks and facilities.

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