Business Development Executive Career

Career description:

A business development executive is one of the main employees in the marketing department of any company. The main task of this particular professional is to market the products and services of the company and maintain the current base of clientele. He/she should also aim to increase the customer base of the company. It is a dictum that a business development executive must have excellent soft skills. He/she also needs to integrate innovative ideas into the marketing strategies of the company.

How to become a business development executive:

A person who wishes to become a business development executive has to essentially focus on undergraduate and post graduate degrees on business and economics. But it is not compulsory all the time. A person from a completely different background can also become a successful business development executive if he/she has the acumen and skills for this profession.

Business development executive career courses, training, programs:

There is no dearth of courses and programs that help in shaping the necessary knowledge to become a dynamic business development executive. The course modules are designed after accounting for the current trends of business development in the international and local markets.

The training given, in most of the cases, is structured with practical assignments where one would have to apply the knowledge and skills to develop a model business or support the services of a company.

Business development executive schools/colleges, education:

There are several top class schools and colleges in the US that teach business and economics that are the primary foundations of business development courses. The universities have separate departments regarding this.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Harvard Business School

Tippie School of Business


Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Business School, Stanford

Business development executive job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Both the public and the private sectors require efficient business development executives. In order to grow the business and diversify its various segments and make it competitive, business development executive can expect a pay package of $50,000/annum at the beginning of the career. The salary varies as per the results of the business developed.

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